Thanksgiving Day: Look of the Week


So here are two options that I would wear for Thanksgiving. Both looks are very simple, the one in the left is more edgy and the one in the right is more casual. It all depends on the time and the place of the family reunion or the mood that you are feeling that day. For both looks I would wear a simple eye look, mascara and liquid eyeliner, and a dark lip.

Always love and fun

Thanks to all the followers and to all the people who stop by here, seriously guys, you give me inspiration everyday and desire of sharing all of my knowledge and ideas with you. I wish for everyone a wonderful day with your loved ones.

Karmyxx !&!*

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Beauty and Fashion blogger, Biologist, YouTube lover, Dachshund mommy.
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One Response to Thanksgiving Day: Look of the Week

  1. Love that top and leather trousers. Great post! Please take a look and follow my style blog! :)

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